Pražská Teplárenská

The company PRAŽSKÁ TEPLÁRENSKÁ (Prague Heating) is the most prominent heat supplier in Prague, supplying heat for 260 thousand households as well as numberless industrial premises, schools, institutions and other businesses all around Prague.

With its own 600 km network of heat distribution pipes the company supplies its customers with approx. 15 PJ of heat per year. Pražská teplárenská owns and runs CHP stations with the overall installed electricity production output of 132 MWe and heat production capacity of 1752 MWt.

The 100% subsidiary ENERGOTRANS owns and runs power station Elektrárna Mělník I, with the installed output 360 MWe for electricity production and the capacity 960 MWt for heat production. ENERGOTRANS also owns and runs heat distribution system supplying heat for Prague. The EPH owns 73% of shares in Pražská teplárenská.


  • Black coal fly ash (as a concrete filler) Certificate
  • Black coal fly ash (earthworks and backfills) Certificate

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