Eop & Hoka, s.r.o.

Your partner for building and loose material transportations

Nowadays we are primarily securing transportations for companies of Energy and Industrial Holding (EPH) whose part we represent as well. In addition to, whole series of companies from fields of building industries, industries and energetics belong to our customers too.

This ENERGY AND INDUSTRIAL HOLDING (EPH) represents a vertical integrated energy utility comprising a complete chain of activities from the fuel exploitation through the combined heat and power production up to heat and electricity supply for final customers.

The EPH is the long term strategic investor in the energy sector which had been developing its energy business permanently.


  • The EPH is the greatest
    heat supplier
    in the Czech Republic
  • The second greatest
    producer of electricity
    in the Czech Republic
  • The third greatest
    mining company
    in Germany

Our company was established in 1993 for the purpose of securing transport, building and logistic activities especially for its mother company of Elektrárny Opatovice a.s. (EOP).

In 1998 there were finished building facilities in the power plant in Opatovice intended for desulphurisation of flue gas which was connected with launching energy byproducts for us. In such the way we were able to extend our business activities in terms of trading and transporting those energy byproducts along with importing lime stone and lime which are necessary for the desulphurisation process. Nowadays we are engaged in selling the above mentioned products and in transportation bulk materials as well.

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